Luren Gallery

Luren Gallery

Free, open Tue – Sun 10:00am – 5:00pm

Address: 30 Xiaojia Alley, Pingjiang Road, Suzhou, China

Luren Gallery situating in No. 30 Xiaojia Alley, a house where famous Beijing opera artists Mei Lanfang’s zither once lived. The alley also has the folklore of the General Zhou Yu, recorded predominantly in ‘The Romance of the Three Kingdoms’ once lived here when it was still the Zhoujia Alley.

These alleys zigzagged strenuously along the rivers, just like their inconvenient width; it is a miracle they still exist. Among hundreds diverged from the Pingjiang Road, presenting antique residential houses. The residents learn to live with the tourists as well as the noisy commercial streets surrounding them. In summer, elderlies like to gossip on the Icy Pole Bridge in the west end of the Xiaojia Alley. Asking each other whether they want an icy pole from the ice cream shop on the bridge in Suzhou dialect.

The contradistinction of the cultures mainly shown between the contemporary artworks of the Luren Gallery and the neighbourhood. Between the ancient and the contemporary, the conservative opinions of the residents and the avant-garde of the artists’. The accusations of the nakedness it toned down as time progress.










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